Friday, September 19, 2008

Mid September

I'm back from the great no contact zone. My life is busy, and a long held philosophy of mine is ... if you don't need to memorize a number don't. So then the lap top I had been using starts to fizzle out. Do I think to record the #s when I triumphantly access the laptop while on vacation. NOOOOOO. Then it totally dies, right before school... for everyone ...starts.

So Yay, me, I found some time tonight to backtrack and get user support, and here I am.

(Yes, I wrote down the address and passwords used, incase the desktop folds next.)

Focus for me personally, add exercise, lose pounds. I decided my more regimented schedule when school started provided a good jumping off point, and I have lost 5lbs. Mostly due to diet, but also have exercised 6 times for 30 mins. or better since September 7th. This is major for me, diets I can do , and have done sucessfully in the past. The exercise thing has not happend consistently since Abby was born. I do it for myself, and my family who need me to set a good example, and I presume will need me to be around and healthy for awhile yet so I'll do what I can to make that happen.

Focus for me as a teacher, get and stay organized. I can do a much better job if I know where stuff is. I waste less time if I don't have to make everything, each time I do it, and have it filed/stored where I can find it. Thanks to my mom, who is volunteering in my classroom every Monday and considers filing to be something that benefits my students. This is finally possible. Kristi, my teaching partner says I'm better than she's seen me in the 3 years, 4 Septembers we've worked so closely together. The proof will be if I keep it up while mom spends her six weeks in Florida this winter.

Focus for the family, be organized. Do we see a pattern here? We are not watching TV on weeknights unless there is a very special reason. We are reading more and spending more time on homework, since there is no real reason to hurry and finish. We are forgetting less items when we are going to practice/scouts/games/school. So far so good, again we need to stick with it.

Wish me luck as I try to keep it together.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's August... Already

The lap top is up. I can access the blog. I'll figure out what to do to access it from the main pc.

We've had a wonderful summer. The kids all enjoyed and did well on the swim team at the pool we belong to. I love my "summer friends" who have become so much more over the years.

I got to visit with a long time friend whom I met while we lived in England in 1980-81 as exchange students. She was from Minneapolis now lives in northen Wisconsin. Was in town for work, but came early and spent the evening with us. Talked into the early morning... some people just live in your heart no matter if you see/speak to them often or not.

Currently visiting with another friend from that time. Anthony who shares my birthday and thus stayed in touch and has visited many times over the years is here again. We are in the middle of his visit. more to come

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Week #1

Wow what an enjoyable week. Nice to do things on my own time frame more or less.

Actually, if I didn't know better, I'd think I was nesting. I left my classroom (after two days out there last week) better than I ever have. Something to do with 2.5 weeks of company in August and the deep belief that I will do a better job in all areas of my life with a bit more organization.

Around the house, I have cleaned bedroom windows and washed curtains that I don't want to even think how much dust was imbedded in the fibers. I have washed all the winter stuff, figured what "may" fit someone here in the fall, labeled the rest to appropriate cousins or charity and stand ready to finish the laundry room. Tim and I put our landscape fabric and remulched the entire front yard.

At the pool, I have reconnected with my "summer" friends who are on the committe with me to decorate for the big league meet this year. We have some great ideas for our circus themed event. Even bigger news is that Tommy (7) swam in his very first meet. He had a little panic attack when he discovered his second event was the breaststroke. He is unaware that his dogpaddle down the 25meters of the pool looks more like the breaststroke than freestyle. But, he, after our prodding, insisting (he has quit too many new and scary things and that wasn't happening again) loving, insisting, the offer of a piece of pizza from the snack bar if he "got it together" quit crying, and insisting and he finally did his race. Then it was a piece of cake, did the second race, had his pizza and thinks that maybe he'll be an olympian in 4 more years. We'll settle for his face in the water and side arm breathing. :)

The lawn mowing by the girls (see previous post) has been up and down, long grass, and repetition has made it difficult some weeks, but it is getting better again.

But, its so nice to be home, and getting these house things done, I havn't even read any books yet... and that is saying something.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Almost There

My "other life" begins in 6 days. That's when for 10 weeks, I am a stay at home mom, not a working mom. How great to be able to live both lives. I appreciate what both "states" of motherhood have to offer, and love that I get to experience both.

Fortuanate me, to have a job that supports us, contributes to the greater good, (On most days... I have those rare ones where I consider it well done that I've kept all the students safe.) and that I enjoy. Fortunate me that the breaks are built in, in such a way that I get this time with my own kids and they still want to spend it with me. In fact, I will go as far as to say, that my friends who stay home full time are not as appreciated by their kids. No, I don't do the parenting job for the appreciation... and there are plenty of things that I say, do and expect that are really not appreciated. But, my time, and the being there... the slowing of the pace... lessening of things that pressure us all... "Summertime and the livin' is easy."

The only things standing between me and Saturday are...
7 report cards to mark
20 celebration boxes to share with the kids and help them develop a "tour of the year" for their parents with the mementos of the year as guides
1 field day
1half mile walk with 77 students and 3 fellow teachers to our high school for "practice" on the big stage
1CELEBRATION DAY with 9 songs, 1 poem, 4 speeches 1DVD of the year in pictures 77 darling kindergarteners and 150 special guests on the big stage at the brand new high school
20 report cards to pass out
20 little people who have been mine for 6 hours a day, 175 days this year to say goodbye to
4 classrooms to order supplies for
1 extremely messy classroom to clean up

... and that's just the stuff at school (work)
at home I have...
1 family birthday party (I bring the cake, my mom makes the dinner)
1 girl scout meeting
1 honors assembly
2 swimming parties
1 readers Cafe that daddy gets to attend because I will be hosing CELEBRATION at the same time with my kindergarteners (sad Mommy)
1 skating party and
1 year end picnic

Keep you eyes on the prize, girl, keep your eyes on the prize!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A week in the Kindergarten

-Sore throat Sunday night.
-Really sore throat Monday.
-No voice upon waking Tuesday morning. Body mic on sound system in classroom has been out of commission for months. I walk around with the hand mic, two chicks have been adopted from other classes because though in four classrooms we have 64 eggs incubating due to hatch on Monday. There are 10 chicks in the other three classes and none in ours. We are thankful that we are all friends and the other classes shared. We are loud and excited.
-Very little voice Wednesday morning. Connor hands me the hand mic at 8:15am (they enter at 8:13... don't ask about the time!) "Here Mrs. O sounds like you're gonna need this again." We have one egg with an air hole "pipped through".
-Today, better voice, lot of coughing. Two chicks of our own in our incubator when we come in. Three kids (of 20) out sick. Loren says, "Mrs. O isn't it time for you to go to the doctor and get some cough medicine.
Great Idea. So I did. Got some antibiotics, too. See, I can learn from anybody.

Mowing for Dollars

We offered the girls (Abby 12 and Claire 10) the chance to mow the lawn for us (for $) since it is a job we've hired out for several years. We haven't been "an allowance" family but this is a big job and requires consistancy and committment.

We worked together as a family on the first week, cleaned up the winter mess and taught them how to use the lawn mower and weed whip. Last Satuday as they were getting ready to get out there, it started to rain. We put the lawn out of our minds and off our schedule but at 7:30 Abby asked if I thought the lawn was dry enough for them to get their job done then. We checked and out they went.

They worked together so well. (Not typical) Helped and encouraged each other (not typical), asked for advice and tips ( really not typical) and got the job done, dividing the labor fairly and according to skills, strength and preferences. They did a great job.

I had a real moment of "mama pride" as I watched them finish up with seconds to spare before it was too dark to see. Sometimes I think I'm spinning my wheels so fast I don't do anything as well as I could. But Saturday night I felt like they were at least taking in some of the things I try to get across.

Now we need to work on their little brother.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My "baby" in a "Lock "Down"

As my "bio" states, I have been a public school teacher for 24 years. Things come up, and people get mad. We've had lock downs before... not fun but it happens. My first born's middle school was locked down today. Appearantly some "angry parent" had threatened someone, seriously enough that the school was totally locked down for an hour and half, and then closed to outsiders almost all day.

I got the email notification, and updates, but had Tim, who was home today, drive by the school and "see what was up" . There wasn't much to see.

Abby called me at 3:08, the minute she was outside school, to let me know she was out of school, and it was OK. She said it was "freakey" and that she was "worried about Claire and Tom" who were at their elementary a couple of blocks away. I was so touched that she was concerned for them, she has seemed to self involved lately (though that is often the forte of 12 year olds I understand) I guess she is growing up.

We have terrible news from Myanmar, China, and Louisana again.... and now down the street. I just don't want to listen to the news any more.

But, everything was okay, and I learned some good things about my girl, so the cup is half full.